Breakfast Television visiting Antonio Valente

2015 March 23
by AV

Early today we were showcased on Breakfast Television. The beautiful Jennifer Valentyne interviewed our intrepid Antonio and toured our shop and factory live on air.

A good time was had by all as Antonio and company showed the viewers our process of making a shirt from choosing the fabrics to the finished product.






Later we were joined by Kevin Frankish who stopped by after the airing to pick up his new wardrobe and poke fun at Antonio.



Custom Knit Pullovers

2015 March 19
by AV

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to ditch the winter clothes for ones that lighter and airier.

Time to refresh your wardrobe! Consider these two custom knit pullovers with contrast collars and stitching.

Choose from many different fabrics and they come in stock sizes or bespoke to fit your exact size.





Shirt of the Week (fade pattern edition)

2015 March 12
by AV

This installment of the Shirt of the Week, we explore the unlimited potential of our fade pattern fabrics.

This dramatic, custom shirt has the fade from top to bottom making this one of our most eye-catching shirts to date.


2015-03-12 16.11.00

Unique and creative ways we use our fabrics.

2015 February 24

We are always looking for different and unique ways to use our many fabrics in our shirts.

Take this white fabric with jacquard weaved hearts…


add it to the inside yoke of a shirt with an embroidered message …


and you have an excellent way of commemorating a special day or event.

A Creative Display at Eddie’s

2015 February 19

If you’re in Edmonton Alberta, check out this creative made to measure display using our fabrics at Eddie’s Menswear.


Fall 2015 Collection Preview

2015 February 6
by AV

Here’s another sneak peek at our fall collection.
This wine colored, dobby weave shirt has contrast fabric on the inside cuff, inside sleeve placket, gussets, quarter stripe inside right front placket and quarter stripe neckband.  It also has contrast thread button holes and mother of pearl buttons.


Shirt of the Week

2015 February 5

This custom made, one of a kind shirt is or Shirt of the Week, you will never find another one like it.

It’s a sky blue and straw yellow herring bone patterned dress shirt with white collar and cuffs. It sports a contrast thread button holes and contrast thread pic stitch on the collar and cuffs.
It also has contrast fabric on the inside cuffs, inside neck band and inside sleeve plackets.

DSC_1791 DSC_1797

Fall 2015 Collection Preview

2015 February 2
by AV

Here is a preview of one of our fall 2015 shirts.
Brown polka dot, Italian fabric, 100% cotton.
It is also embellished with a contrast fabric on the inside cuff, inside sleeve placket, inside neck band and inside right front placket.


More Fabrics for our Spring 2015 Collection has Arrived!

2015 February 2
by AV

One amazing delivery man braved the blizzard outside our door to deliver us our next batch of fabrics.
These are destined for our spring 2015 collection.


Fall 2015 Collection Preview

2015 January 29
by AV

As we gear up to bring you our 2015 spring collection, we’re already moving towards fall.

Here is a small preview of our Fall 2015 collection for your viewing pleasure.


We will be previewing more of our shirts soon, so check back regularly.