Antonio Valente on BT, Parts 1 & 2

2014 December 16
by josephvalente


If you missed Antonio’s appearance on BT, click on the links!

Part 1:


Part 2:


Antonio Valente on BT

2014 December 13
by josephvalente

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As some of you may know, we have the pleasure of working with Kevin Frankish from Breakfast Television (BT), who recently came in to get fitted for his new (sharp) fall wardrobe. We are all excited to see Antonio visit the BT set on Tuesday, December 16th at about 7:40am!


Halloween is Coming!

2014 October 11
by josephvalente

haunted-house-08 haunted-house-27haunted-house-04

Do you love being scared? Do you watch horror movies with the lights off? Maybe you should try visiting a haunted house… if you dare!

The Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls has captured some of the terrified reactions of its patrons… makes you wonder what could instill such fear?

New Antonio Valente Bespoke Shirt Presentation

2014 September 8
by josephvalente
It has been a long process but the end is in sight!

Revamping our bespoke shirt program has been a long process but the end is in sight!


The new bespoke presentation is in binder format and easy to use... not to mention an eye-pleaser!

The new bespoke presentation is in binder format and easy to use… not to mention pleasing to the eye!

We are excited about our new bespoke shirt presentation! Switching from a box/card format to binders was a long time coming but it’s almost here. It was a time consuming and labour intensive project but our retailers and end-consumers are worth it. Of course the style book has also been updated to keep pace and includes more, from collars and pockets to fronts and backs.

Spring 2015 Samples Are Ready to Go!

2014 August 7


Spring 2015 Collection Has Arrived!

2014 July 21


Smile 2 Smile Brings the Children of Haiti Their New Buddies

2014 May 29

Last week, the Smile 2 Smile team came by the Antonio Valente showroom for a visit, this time to pick up some fabric goodies for another batch of Smile 2 Smile Buddies for their 2014 Collection.

In the fall 2013, this globally conscious, socially responsible company went on a mission to provide children in in Haiti with a fun and cheerful toy to enrich their lives and to put a smile on their little faces. From their experiences, the children were all smiles from the start. And let’s just say, it has done the same for us here at Antonio Valente.

Antonio received this touching note from Smile 2 Smile founder Melissa Calixte:



Attached to the postcard was a series of photographs of the little ones enjoying the company of their new buddies.








2014 May 22

This custom made shirt is unique for its baseball stitch pattern, made by a specialized Singer sewing machine used to create this particular design.


Brown thread is used to match the shirt design.


A secondary fabric is used on the inside collar and cuff.


Vintage Singer Baseball Stitch Machine


SHIRT OF THE WEEK – Featuring the Kama Sutra

2014 May 14
by Sarah

This weeks shirt was chosen for its, um, uniquely themed pattern. Used as a cuff detail, the Kama Sutra livelies up this custom made dress shirt.


Can you spot the print?


How about now?


Sewn in the pick stitch style, the blue thread is used throughout the shirt with blue button holes to match.


Matching blue monogrammed initials


 One last time…



2014 May 6
by Sarah



You can imagine it may be difficult for a man of this height to find proper dress shirts to fit his frame, so Antonio Valente helped him get exactly what he wanted with this custom made shirt.


 42 inch sleeves


Silver buttons with a buffalo design


A classic Mandarin style colour